C.O.R.E. Efficiency Strategies for Meaningful Connectivity

The C.O.R.E. Efficiency Strategies for Meaningful Connectivity and Recommended Standards prospectus is the fruit of a 2022-2023 collaboration between a group of mission-focused digital transformation organisations:

The prospectus proposes a framework that enables schools and educational institutions everywhere to make more efficient use of their internet connections, supporting their efforts to expand learning opportunities and achieve more with less: valuable cost-savings and content acceleration for well-connected urban schools; for schools in low-bandwidth areas, sustainable and equitable access to the most transformative digital transformation.

It sets out how to deliver adequate access not through sole dependency on unnecessarily high bandwidth capacities, but, instead, by leveraging the most effective factor – Connectivity Efficiency. It brings together logical and proven strategies and presents them as a methodology with accompanying recommended Standards that will equip education stakeholders to deliver – equitably and sustainably – the Meaningful Connectivity needed for even the most transformative e-learning activities.

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