• Enabling the e-learning journey for your nation’s schools

    Safeguarding nationwide internet rollouts

  • In a nutshell

    Internet rollout to schools is a strategic issue of national importance

    • Connected classrooms can transform education and help the nation
      to leap forward a generation

    Web caching is vital for success

    • Ensures bandwidth to all schools is sufficient

    • Reduces the cost of bandwidth provision for the nation

    • Reduces risks - of dissatisfaction, failed projects and political fallout

    ApplianSys is the worlds specialist in helping national
    education authorities deploy caching

Caching impacts everything you are trying to do

  • Caching helps deliver national priority outcomes

    Most nations share strategic goals for education

    • Raise educational attainment in general towards world class levels

    • Equip future workers with future skills for future jobs

    • Provide equitable access to education for all

    • Do it as fast as possible...

    • ...within the budget of the nation - don't waste money!

    Developing nations in particular are looking to leap forward a whole generation by transforming educational outcomes

    With caching, your success will be greater, sooner

  • Caching enables the E-Learning Journey

    Nations worldwide are on a journey to transform education outcomes, with the help of connected classrooms

    The journey is long, complex, risky and expensive

    Without caching, it will be longer, riskier and cost more

  • Connectivity will be a problem throughout the journey

    Insufficient connectivity will slow your journey, or even throw it off course

    But building connectivity is expensive and takes a long time

    Whenever you increase bandwidth supply, demand in schools will soon leap ahead of it again

    Specialised schools caching fixes the connectivity problem

    • Still need to build bandwidth over time – but less and slower, with major overall cost savings to the nation

    • Progress will be faster. Initiatives will fail less

  • Why caching is the fix, not bandwidth alone

    In schools caching has a huge impact on connectivity, because of:

    • Start of lesson peaks, 6-7x average levels...and these peaks are highly cacheable

    • Software updates, even bigger, even more cacheable

    • Relatively low bandwidth

    • Latency – even on multi-gigabit

    "Connectivity = Bandwidth" is a recipe for failure

    Caching ensures sufficient connectivity at least cost

  • Caching has vital impacts at all stages of the journey

    Effective use of the internet in school is made possible – it works

    Dramatically reduces the amount of bandwidth a school needs

    Slashes the cost of supplying sufficient bandwidth throughout the journey

    Leaves rural/remote schools less disadvantaged because of location

    By delivering sufficient connectivity at least cost, the overall impact of caching is to hugely accelerate the e-learning journey and slash the lifetime cost to the nation of bandwidth provision

Caching impacts everything by ensuring sufficient connectivity at least cost

Over 20 years, ApplianSys has become THE world's specialist for caching in schools

We work with governments worldwide on large-scale schools deployments

  • Maldives Ministry of Education (MoE) has deployed a CACHEBOX at each of 220 remote schools over 180 widely dispersed islands, massively expanding last-mile connectivity.

    "ApplianSys makes big claims about ’Fixing The Connectivity Problem’, and from where I’m sitting, I can fully endorse those claims. By fixing the connectivity problem, CACHEBOX properly supports our e-Learning goals.

    ApplianSys’ experience of delivering large-scale rollouts was invaluable, heading off potential pitfalls with Mobile Device Management software and network design, as well as leading the process to develop the right solutions with our various partners and suppliers.

    At our schools we’re saving 57% - but we still grab some content from a google server. Once we change that to CACHEBOX, we’ll deliver 78-85% of our traffic from cache. Because we deployed a CACHEBOX solution we only needed to install 1/4 of our total bandwidth requirement.

    So we solved the connectivity problem, but we didn’t end up with a device-management headache instead: Factory pre-set and remote-automated configuration of CACHEBOXes is exactly what we would have dreamed of if the CACHEBOXCMC didn’t already exist!"

    Ahmed Afzal, Maldives Minister of State for Communication Science and Technology

We are delivering for education in over 155 countries

Our solutions safeguard e-Learning rollouts around the world

  • "Overall, we have been saving 30% bandwidth. More importantly, it has helped us overcome latency that bandwidth doesn’t solve - caching is the ONLY way to overcome slow access."

    Pacific Data Systems (serving schools in Guam)

  • "We were suffering congestion and slow web speed - teachers could not use the internet as needed and upgrading our connection was too expensive. With CACHEBOX, finally we have internet!"

    IT Manager, Qatar International School, Qatar

  • "With CACHEBOX, our internet-based lessons now run smoothly. Students can access sites that were previously too slow and our popular websites load almost instantly."

    Harare International School, Zimbabwe

  • "Our 30Mbps was insufficient with the growing rate of devices but CACHEBOX has certainly helped with our bandwidth issues and teachers note the improvement in our network."

    Jeronimo Olivia, ABC International School, Vietnam

  • "CACHEBOX was super easy to setup and configure. It’s been a true plug-and-play appliance and has made for smooth sailing for our IT department this semester."

    American School of Lima, Peru

  • "We pay $87k per month for our 20Mbps link and 50Mbps would cost us $212k. CACHEBOX gives us more than 50Mbps at peak times, but cost us just $8k. It paid for itself in 1 day!"

    Dillingham City School District, Alaska

Fixing the connectivity problem

We look forward to discussing how we can
enable the e-Learning journey for your nations schools