Transformational breakthrough on student devices

Introducing the connected education kit. A strategic breakthrough to equip your nation's schools with PCs at a fraction of the cost, supporting your full curriculum up to advanced digital skills training.

Diagram showing each element of the Connected Education Kit and how they link to each other

In 2023, Intel asked us to help them combine their innovative technology with ours. The result? The Connected Education Kit (CEK) which transforms the economics and impact of PC labs.

With CEK, you can now provision your nation's schools with full-spec PCs – which will enable curriculum for advanced digital skills in your PC labs now – at a fraction of the cost, and without waiting many years for the IT Technician pillar to see trained people in every school.

Slash capital and operating costs and eliminate blockers to nationwide PC lab rollouts.

ApplianSys CACHEBOXCMC Management Console (CMC)

Located in a ministry's data center or central office, CMC allows technicians to deploy and manage a fleet of EDUGATEBOXes without traveling to school sites enabling remote troubleshooting for individual school networks and labs.

EDUGATEBOX - a school's complete network-in-a-box.

A compact server for each school which includes firewall and filtering for safe web access, caching and traffic shaping to conserve internet bandwidth, and routing & switching to provide local network functionality. It's Virtual Lab Module (VLM) management functionality connects with each VLM in the school giving unparalelled remote management capability, right down to individual lab PCs.

Intel Virtual Lab Module (VLM)

An Intel VLM is a tiny low-power, low-cost computer which can provide 4-8+ workstations. So, 3 - 4 VLMs can provide everything you need to create a lab large enough for each student in a class to use their own device. Unlike tablets or devices which offer limited functionality and require cloud storage, VLMs provide the full-PC experience necessary to develop digital literacy at a national scale.

Together, these components create robust, sustainable PC labs for today's students and tomorrow's.